How to win a sponsorship?

How to become an effective sponsored athlete for DA NUTRITION? Do you want to be recognised in the UK and internationally?

It’s about your journey; it’s about what you must to do to become greater. Ask yourself how do you want your fans to remember you? What contribution you have made to the industry and finally are you sharing it with your fans in a daily basis. Your fans want to follow you because they want to be part of your journey or they want to be like you. When you have answers to above question then you can become an athlete, then you can represent the industry by building a partnership with DA NUTRITION.

Once you become a sponsored athlete, now you want to share your experience with all fans (yours and company). To do that you must have a strategy. Your message must in both text and video. Because it is scientifically proven that some like to read and some like to watch.

  1. Week 1: announcement of your partnership (text and video). Why you want to represent this company and products (in this case why DA NUTRITION). You must discuss our philosophy, global vision and advantage of our products
  2. Week 2: What products you are going to use and why? What do you offer to your fans (friends and family discount), you want to thank you for following you and taking your recommendation and supporting you and the company you represent. According to DA NUTRITION philosophy: Whether you’re a customer, corporate client or an employee, you are all a part of TEAM DA.
  3. Week 3: Now it is time to use the full potential of your sponsor to link with more fans. Use their social media channel to post info about you (bio), write training programmes and video clips (wear branded cloths)
  4. Week 4: Special offers to your fans, competitions, challenges… Make it exciting. Offer a training session with you. If build enough credibility, they will travel, they will make that journey to train with their idol. Only you can make this happen.

As long as you work with your fans, they will work with you and be part your success. So don’t stop working with them. Be consistence. Because they are waiting for you! Win your fans!