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CRANK-UP is a next generation formula designed to boost your performance, recovery and muscle growth. If you're trying to build a jaw dropping physique, increase performance and recover faster you need to raise your game.



2kg Tub - Available in delicious Double Chocolate Brownie and Coconut Dream Flavour

  • CRANK-UP Testo-Whey delivers 21g of muscle building whey protein per scoop, has 720mg of natural testo boosters, and only 121 calories per serving.
  • Testo Boosted CRANK-UP Whey Protein is rapidly absorbed, making the protein available for muscle building more quickly and allowing the amino acids to be effectively utilised by the body to prevent muscle tissue breakdown.
  • Get more energy, faster recovery and a host of other effects essential for your body!
  • Delicious flavours! and vegetarian friendly.
  • Ideal for those who want to build solid muscles, bodybuilders and athletes.


CRANK-UP is perfect for anyone after a no-frills advanced whey powder. The inclusion of multiple natural testo booting compounds helps build muscle more efficiently than protein on its own. Increase testo level is probably the greatest wish of every hardcore gym goer, not just in bodybuilding sport. Having the optimum level of testo can aid muscle gain, maintain lean body mass, improve the quality of your sleep, and enhance your libido.



Bulbine Natalensis is a herb, indigenous to South Africa. Has shown incredible results in boosting testosterone levels. For males, raising testo levels can improve: Strength and Power Gains, Lean Muscle Gains, Energy, Endurance, Post-Workout Recovery and Libido.


Tribulus Terrestris - Before the flower of the Tribulus terrestris hardens into a 'goat-head' it may possess the power to help support increased testo levels during training periods. Tribulus Terrestris can be effectively used to increase strength gains and aid in helping you get over a plateau as well as enhance libido. 


Fenugreek is an herb that you can find native to the areas in Asia and Europe. Shown to directly stimulate testo production by increasing enzymes. Ultra High Strength source containing furostanic saponins, adding to the testo support complex and antioxidant levels in CRANK-UP.


D-Aspartic Acid is the D-form of the amino acid aspartic acid. D-Aspartic Acid is produced naturally in the body from the non-essential amino acid L-Aspartic Acid. Promotes natural release of luteinizing, follicle stimulating and growth hormone. Pure D Aspartic Acid would be ideal for anyone partaking in heavy resistance based training, looking to build muscles and boost recovery.


CRANK-UP is an anabolic whey protein blend REINFORCED with muscle growth and testo boosting compounds. If you're trying to build a jaw dropping physique, increase performance and recover faster you need to raise your game.

CRANK-UP contains 3 highly bioavailable whey protein blend & specifically selected nutrients, which have been shown to increase testo release in the body. More testo means more growth, stronger & bigger muscles, more energy, faster recovery and a host of other effects essential for bodybuilders & athletes.

timing is the key

Morning Boost - Take 1 scoop of CRANK-UP when you wake up to boost your protein synthesis and muscle growth. If the shake is going to take the place of breakfast, use milk to mix your CRANK-UP instead of water to control appetite and cravings throughout the day.

Post-workout Recovery - After you train, both protein synthesis and protein breakdown are elevated. Unless you take protein, only the breakdown will remain elevated—and that's what you don't want. Plus, a protein shake taken consistently after training has been shown again and again to result in greater muscle and strength gains. Mix one or two scoops of CRANK-UP with 300ml-400ml water or milk, mix well before consume. Vary the amount of water/milk to achieve your desired consistency and taste. CRANK-UP also has a delicious taste which is easy to prepare and works really well with your favourite protein desserts.




2kg Tub - Available in delicious Double Chocolate Brownie and
Coconut Dream Flavour


  • Raise your game with CRANK-UP!
  • Build solid muscles and recover faster.
  • Latest testo boosting research to create the ultimate anabolic state.
  • Blend of 3 proteins of which offers different amino acid values and absorption speeds.
  • Developed for anyone who wants to build muscles, hardcore gym goers, CrossFit athletes, and bodybuilders.


Optimise Your Performance and Results

DA NUTRITION CRANK-UP is an epic one of a kind testo boosting protein powder engineered to create the ultimate anabolic state and enhance performance.

Stay Anabolic

Contains 3 types of advanced Proteins, Testo-Matrix and Size Up Formula to stimulate insane development of lean muscles and recovery. - taking all protein powders to a whole new game-changing level.

Most Effective Ingredients

Combining anabolic whey protein and testo boosting compounds, now you can give your body what it needs to grow and perform better.

Harness The Power Of Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is one of the most important tools in your body to grow, repair, and thrive. Build Muscles: Increases protein synthesis, and increases muscle mass and strength.
Lose Body Fat: Blocks the uptake of fat and storage of fat, and increases the number of fat burning beta-adrenergic receptors. 

What our customers think

Luke G

Insane Gym Addict & Land Developer

This is awesome for anyone looking to put some solid mass. I definitely recommends this. Mix well and taste great. I am using the Coconut shake...

Coach D

Elite Trainer

Boom! Taking protein for recovery and muscle mass should not be a hard thing. But most companies over complicate this. Too many product to select from. CRANK-UP solve this problem so easily by combining all anabolic compounds into one shake. No brainer. 

Steve Canneaux

DJ & Hardcore lifter

I stopped buying too many things after I bought CRANK-UP. Saved me lots of money and get results as well. 

CRANK-UP TESTO WHEY - A Real Game Changer

Only take CRANK-UP if you are fed up with lack of results, serious about training harder and getting results. For optimum results we recommend you to have a tailored training program and nutrition plan. Click here for more info.