A mass gainer is used for just that -- gaining mass. And for recovery. And to enhance performance.
5 Important Reasons To Use A Mass Gainer!
  • MEETING EXTREME CALORIE REQUIREMENTS -The first really great thing about mass gainers is that they make meeting your daily calorie requirements much easier.
  • FOR POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY - Mass gainers provide everything you need to fuel your depleted energy levels and boost muscle recovery. Eg: Maltodextrin, Oat Flour & Dextrose Monohydrate often found in mass gainers popular for its fast, medium & slow acting properties. These cell-mass carbs, protein and fats play a vital role in performance and recovery.
  • RECOVER FASTER WITH QUALITY CARBS - It is well know that High quality foods will help you obtain high quality results. Not only that carbohydrates are used as energy by the body; they fuel our workouts, as well as providing ample fuel to be used throughout the course of the day. Additionally, When you mix protein and carbohydrates together in the same meal you minimize the chance of the carbohydrates being stored as fat.
  • DIFFERING CALORIE LEVELS - When it comes to eating for mass gain, the most important factor is calorie consumption. Most men who can't gain muscle weight are eating and exercising the wrong way. So if you are not gaining mass then increase calories. The easiest way to do this is add 1 or 2 shakes per day.
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED FATS HELP YOU STAY LEANER - Most mass gainers come with a particular type of dietary fat combination that helps to keep you leaner while you go about the muscle-building process. Additionally, good high calorie food like peanut butter, nuts and seeds to add some additional fats in to your diet.
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Almost every mass gainers combine whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate. Depending on the quality of these ingredients you can experience rapid muscle recovery and increase in performance. Each of these protein types has a great amino acid profile, rich in glutamine, is a great source of calcium contributes to an increase in muscle mass.
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Types of carbs you find in mass gainers are designed to increase calorie intake, create insulin spikes and refuel your depleted energy cells after workout. They are often mixed with low GI and high GI carbs sources and provide vital nutrients such as calcium, zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamin E.
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Believe it or not, eating more of the right kind of fats will enable athletes/bodybuilders to LOSE extra body fat and perform better. When selecting mass gainers you should always keep your eye out for a weight gainer that contains medium chain triglycerides and as little saturated fat as possible. If you seriously considering to get big, go ahead and add some CLA, omega 3 and MCTs in to your supplement stack.


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Normal mass gainers have a tremendous amount of calories per serving to achieve this mass gain -- often over 1000 calories per serving! -- and these calories include fat, carbohydrates, and protein. It is very common to have high amount of fats and carbohydrates in mass gainers. The end result is you end up putting on bad weight rather than muscle mass.

MASS INFUSION is a re-engineered formula that has 32g of Cell-Mass Protein and only 28g of Elite-Carbs per scoop. Armed with 343 calories per scoop, MASS INFUSION support hard, dense muscle mass gains & recovery.
With MASS INFUSION you can make delicious shakes that will provide extra calories and a much needed protein boost in order to build up your body mass. Get Big. Stay Big.
MASS INFUSION has an advance combination of high quality proteins blended with fast and slow acting carbohydrates for rapid protein synthesis and glycogen replenishment. This is ideally designed for active trainers or anyone who cannot get sufficient calories through the normal diet.
  • Support hard, dense muscle mass and gains.
  • Delivers 32g of CELL-MASS Protein per single scoop
  • 32 servings per tub & taste unreal
  • Contains a blend of healthy fats & elite carbohydrates
Since your goal is to get a healthy and muscular body, keep in mind that MASS INFUSION is a supplement and should be used in that manner. You still need to eat regular foods and workout like a boss. The main purpose of MASS INFUSION, whether for extra protein or for extra calories, is convenience. It's about fuelling the body with right nutrients and at the right time.
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High reps, medium reps, low reps—each approach has been touted as an ideal way to build muscle. So you may wonder is there any right answer for this.

Well, according to our founder, Daminda Ralalage the ideal rep range for mass is between 8-12 or 4-5 sets. However, at the begening you may want to train at bit high rep volume to build endurance and train lower range (5-6 reps) to build strength. Most athletes/bodybuilders tend to train at the mid range (8-12 reps) to build muscles.
At a cadence of two seconds on the concentric (lifting) action and two seconds on the eccentric (lowering) movement, your set will end up right in the middle of the optimum 30- to 60-second range for a given set of exercise. Increase in time under tension leads to more muscular damage, as a result more growth. It is the best for maximizing muscle growth.

If you're not sure what to do with your sets and reps, do not hesitate to order our online coaching system to make sure you are geared for the next level.