Our global responsibility

The work we do to help people live better extends far beyond the physical walls of our head office, making a real difference on the real issues that matter to us all. But it all starts with our vision and our co-owners ambitions, dreams and aspirations. 

Did you know that:

  • Over 795 million people – or one in nine people in the world – do not have enough to eat?
  • 60 percent of the world’s hungry are women?
  • 50 percent of pregnant women in developing countries lack proper maternal care, resulting in 240,000 maternal deaths annually from childbirth?
  • Approximately 896 million people in developing countries live on $1.90 a day or less?

Message from DA Nutrition’s founder:

“I believe sports nutrition companies like us can do more than just selling products or services. Not only change the entire fitness industry, but we have the power to change the world, end hunger and give more to the society”. – Daminda Henaka-Ralalage (2014)

About The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. The Hunger Project works at the heart of the problem, rather than making small contributions at the periphery. The Hunger Project works on building self-reliance, empowering women and men to achieve permanent solutions around the world to end their own hunger.


1. The Hunger Project does not give handouts. We give people a hand-up by building self-reliance, empowering people to achieve permanent solutions to chronic hunger and we have proved it works.

2. The Hunger Project works at the heart of the problem, rather than making small contributions at the periphery. You have the chance to participate at the cutting edge in transforming the critical issues for humanity’s future – building self-reliance at the grassroots level, empowering women as key change agents, and forging effective partnerships with local government.

3. The Hunger Project is strategic — we are powerfully positioned to catalyse what must be done to end hunger in the key areas where action is required.

4. The Hunger Project depends on the money of individual investors like you.

5. The Hunger Project invests in people, putting you in direct partnership with thousands of the most experienced and committed leaders for the end of hunger around the world.

6. The Hunger Project will change you as it changes the world.  Contribute what you can as a global citizen.

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