Investing in the future of sport

Sport is arguably one of the few constants in life that can bring people together and truly excite societies. For DA NUTRITION investing in the sport is not about sponsoring teams and selling supplements. We strongly believe that companies like us are driving next-generation athletes to perform better and create a platform for coaches to share knowledge. Our passion is to build a better world and we believe athletes can play a major role in that process. We want to empower our future generations to be more physically active and enjoy a healthy life.

With our workshops and seminars we hope to introduce scientific understanding in sports nutrition and training methods to our fans and athletes. Coaches are the driving force behind success. They inspire, support and drive people to reach their full potential. We would like to educate fellow coaches about application of sports nutrition and athletic performance.

We recognise that the key to build a better health and fitness industry is to focus on knowledge transfer system. We want to inform our fans and also educate them about benefits of physical training and proper nutrition.  

We are planning to work hand in hand with team of coaches and athletes to promote physical training among kids, because we want kids to take part in sport and regular physical activities. We want them to love sport and make it a positive habit that they will continue as they grow up.